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Increase employee engagement

Employee Advocacy only works when employees are engaged. And to do so, you have to provide incentive: Why should they take time from their busy days – and nights – to post something favorable about the company? While rewards and recognition programs are a good start, you also may require looser corporate social policies so they can confidently act without fear of being reprimanded.

Remember that as employee satisfaction increases, so does the quality of customer relationships. Employee Advocacy creates the engagement necessary to achieve both of those outcomes.

Business Value

Improve company reputation & talent acquisition

Employees can take positive actions to promote or defend their employer’s brand.

  • Business Benefits

  • Let proud employees endorse the company as a great place to work
  • Accelerate the speed of hiring while reducing the cost of recruiting
  • Align employees with the company’s mission and culture by amplifying key initiatives
  • Allow employees to be thought leaders
  • Employee Benefits

  • Recognize that the company is helping them build their personal brand
  • Increase their followers on social media
  • Gain greater visibility with co-workers and management
  • An easier way to help with recruiting
  • Employee Metrics

  • 27% more optimistic about company future
  • 20% more inspired
  • 12% more productive (happy employees)
  • Increase employee engagement beyond 13% average
“Employees are disengaged at work, and organizations have been exploring how social and digital technologies can address this problem. But Altimeter found that only 41% of organizations believe they take a strategic approach to employee engagement while only 43% believe that they have an organizational culture of trust and empowerment.”


An “always on” lead generation channel for sales and marketing

These days, people are more skeptical about messages and content that comes from official brand channels. They’re more receptive to content that comes from a network connection, which is one reason why social selling has emerged as a go-to strategy. In a CEB study of more than 1,400 B2B customers across industries, 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier.

Stats like that are the result of sharing valuable content with prospects and customers over time – before asking for the sale – in order to establish and nurture trusted relationships. Because content from a connection is inherently more trustworthy or “valid”, it’s more likely to be opened, clicked, shared, and ultimately converted into a lead or sale. And since employees use social media around the clock, your Employee Advocacy program becomes an always-on lead generation channel for both sales and marketing.

Business Value

Increase Revenue

  • Business Benefits

  • Increase sales and marketing leads & conversions by having an always on channel
  • Establish and extend relationships with customers and prospects
  • Build relationships with prospects during the sales cycle by sharing valuable content
  • Employee Benefits

  • Make it easy to share approved content to amplify their social media personal brand
  • Meet and exceed quote by getting prospects engaged earlier in the buying cycle
  • Personal recognition among peers & friendly competition in leaderboard rankings
  • Every employee can impact revenue
  • Metrics

  • 5x lead conversion and 11x more content amplification
  • 5x increase website traffic
  • 700x increase in content engagement when shared
  • 25% more leads from social
“Nearly all brands struggle to remain competitive and are seeking ways to do more with less budget. Leading brands are increasing investment in digital marketing and Employee Advocacy programs that create business value by empowering employees. The most common sources of value from such programs usually include increased revenues from employees who generate more leads and conversions.” - Susan Emerick - Author, “The Most Powerful Brand on Earth”

Manon Pulles

Senior Communications Specialist, SAP

Inform and educate your team

Employee engagement is low; in fact, in a recent Gallup poll, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Part of the issue for most organizations is that traditional “Employee Communications,” through email and intranets, have proved ineffective. Employees don’t feel “in the know” about your company because your content is missing employees, leaving them voiceless and disconnected from your organization’s story.

The good news is there is a solution to turn Employee Communications into a proactive function that leaves employees feeling informed by, engaged with, and valued by leadership. Social technology platforms are your distribution channels for employees to receive company communications.

Business Value

Improve Employee Engagement

  • Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity from employees who are more informed and engaged
  • A more transparent and collaborative experience for employees
  • Align employees with the company’s mission and culture
  • Establish and strengthen your employer brand
  • Employee Benefits

  • More educated and informed about company news and announcements
  • Effortless to stay informed on mobile
  • Greater ability to contribute knowledge internally
  • Metrics

  • Companies with engaged employees are 202% more successful
  • Only 30% of US employees are engaged at work
  • 80% of employees are using their mobile device at work
  • (Sources: Gallup, 2014 Employee Communications Satisfaction Survey)
“Dynamic Signal gets our content and news in the hands of the people who matter the most, our employees. It helps us create engaged, proud brand champions—the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Wendi Smith, Managing Director, Agency Communications & Content at Mindshare

Susan Emerick

Author, “The Most Powerful Brand on Earth”

It’s not the message – it’s who delivers it

As we mentioned in the Lead Generation use case, people are more apt to pay attention to corporate messages delivered from those in their social networks. This notion also applies to maintaining and increasing brand awareness. When employees post about the new company logo, tweet about a new funny commercial, or share a marketing campaign, it humanizes the brand and gets more prospects to pay attention. In short, an Employee Advocacy program allows every employee to be a brand ambassador – a much more believable brand ambassador.

Business Value

Improve Company Reputation & Increase Revenue

  • Business Benefits

  • Humanize and increase brand awareness through employee social media activity
  • Increase buzz for product launches by amplifying company news
  • Expand social media reach beyond corporate channels and a limited set of approved PR spokespeople
  • Centralize approved content for safe distribution
  • Better manage crisis communications by balancing them with more positive messages
  • Employee Benefits

  • Stronger connection to the company, heightened awareness of the latest news
  • Convenient for proud employees to share company content
  • Easy and safe to share content
  • Metrics

  • 14x increase in brand awareness
  • Own >53% share of voice for 24hrs
  • 700x increase in content engagement
  • Save $2MM in equivalent earned media
“Dynamic Signal has enabled us to amplify and scale our ambassador program. For social selling to succeed, employees need to have the confidence to know what they need to say, when they need to say it, and where.”

Tiffany Tuell

Sr. Director Corporate Communications @ Hitachi Data Systems

The power of the personal invitation

As with other promotions, event messaging is more persuasive when it comes from individuals within one’s social network. Personal invitations, delivered with an authentic voice (and maybe even a little fun or humor) tend to be more credible than template, one-size-fits-all messages.

An upcoming, time-sensitive event is probably the most tangible activity for an Employee Advocacy program. It’s also a powerful way to engage employees, as they get the freedom to add a personal touch to traditional event promotions. More importantly, event promotions delivered through Employee Advocacy programs increase registration and likelihood of attending by 50%

Business Value

Increase Revenue & Lead Generation

  • Business Benefits

  • Drive more leads and attendees to marketing programs and events
  • Supplement traditional paid promotions with real-time employee sharing
  • Leverage employee social contacts to increase likelihood of attending
  • Employee Benefits

  • Personal recognition among peer & friendly competition in leaderboard rankings
  • Every employee can impact revenue
  • Metrics

  • Drive 20-50% of overall event registrations from social
  • Increase event registration and likelihood of attending by 50%
“Events, especially face-to-face events, are expensive to plan, deliver and host. I see higher attendance rates and ultimately improved sales opportunities as a result of employee advocated extending personal invitations to their networks.”

Susan Emerick

Author, “The Most Powerful Brand on Earth”

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