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What is Workforce Communication?

Most employees don’t sit at desks in corporate offices. They work on delivery trucks, manufacturing floors, hospital wards, and retail stores and they expect to be kept informed. Organizations struggle to deliver critical information to these dispersed workers. They’re always on the move and often don't have access to corporate email or an intranet. This costly communication gap results in employees who are less informed, more disengaged, and not as productive.

With Dynamic Signal, you can finally reach every employee with the right communication on the right channels to develop a more informed, engaged, and activated workforce. Empower your employees to take initiative and measure the effectiveness and impact of your communication efforts across every segment of your organization. 

Deliver the Right Message to Every Employee

Reduce communication noise for employees by delivering relevant content based on job function, location, department, or any other custom attribute. Give employees the option to subscribe to specific areas of interest. Auto-subscribe employees to important content categories. Engage your global workforce by communicating in their preferred languages.

Reach Your Employees on the Channels They Use

Distribute information across any device and communication channel. Broadcast content through native app, email, push notifications, SMS, intranets, and collaboration tools like Slack, Yammer and Chatter. Request acknowledgments to confirm that urgent messages are received. Quickly re-broadcast to employees who missed the original communication.

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Measure and analyze your program with real-time metrics. Complete visibility into adoption rates, participation, content views, reads, shares, clicks, social reactions, impressions, reach, and more. Monitor program performance with simple-to-use dashboards and graphical reports. Easily export data for further analysis.

Leading Organizations Rely on Dynamic Signal to Communicate More Effectively with Their Entire Workforce

Learn why more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100 use Dynamic Signal.

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