Workforce Communication

A Disconnected Workforce

Most employees today don’t sit at desks in corporate offices. They work on delivery trucks, manufacturing floors, hospital wards, at retail stores and countless other places. Organizations struggle to deliver critical information to these dispersed workers. They’re always on the move. They often don't have access to corporate email or an intranet. This costly communication gap can lead to employees who are less informed, more disengaged, and not as productive.

Reach and Engage Every Employee

Dynamic Signal’s design combines an intuitive desktop platform and award-winning mobile application to meet the needs of your entire workforce, wherever employees are. Reach all workers with the critical information they need, on the channels and devices they prefer.

Deliver Messages That Matter

Provide only the content that’s relevant to each employee. Reduce communication overload by targeting messages based on job function, location, department or any other custom attribute. Employees can subscribe to specific areas of interest. Auto-subscribe them to the critical content categories.

Use data-driven insights to communicate more effectively

Dynamic Signal provides deep visibility into engagement by employees. Explore how each employee, business function, or the entire company interacts with content so you can continuously improve your communication efforts.

Global Organizations Transform Workforce Communication with Dynamic Signal

Modernize and streamline communication with a platform that becomes the single source of relevant information for your employees.

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