Dynamic Signal, The Leader in Employee Advocacy

Grow your business and generate brand equity by transforming employees into powerful advocates who represent the best of your brand, on social media and in person, with customers and peers.

Dynamic Signal created the Employee Advocacy category, and continues to lead the industry. We have the expertise and tools to grow your business by transforming employees into powerful advocates who represent the best of your brand on social media and in-person. Providing employees with company information that puts them “in the know,” builds engagement, trust, and empowers them to be effective brand ambassadors. Dynamic Signal is more than a sharing tool– we will help you create a sophisticated employee advocacy strategy and authentic sharing campaigns that will develop an activated workforce.

The Dynamic Signal Platform stands out among competitors. Our targeting and segmentation capabilities will personalize each employee’s experience, and our broadcasting feature will allow you to reach all your employees with information that is important and relevant to them. Dynamic Signal is the only Employee Communication platform to deliver automated content sourcing that recommends relevant high-quality content from across the web. This will give your employees more material to share, and it will create value for them by providing worthwhile knowledge in areas of interest. Our advocacy and gamification capabilities, including scheduled shares, suggested share messages, and leaderboards, motivate employees to share. Our real-time metrics, data-driven insights, simple-to-use dashboards will optimize engagement to grow the business, decrease risk and increase agility.

On average, Dynamic Signal Employee Advocacy Programs Lead to:

  • 7% Increase in return on ad spend
  • 40% increase in engagement per share
  • 39% Increase in brand awareness
  • 106% Increase in reach of social media campaigns
  • 12% Increase in Company Ratings
  • 18% Increase in CEO rating